We are experts on efficient in food international trading.

We are in constant development to add value with the aim to always exceed market expectations.

Control and Shipping

Our services are

Technical and commercial assistance

By making a close bond with our client.

Supervision and control of cargo

By ensuring quality.

Preparation and control of documents in due course

At any time to avoid delays and extra costs.

Logistics management

Coordination with the parties involved.

Customs management

Absolute knowledge of requirements.

Financial management

For normal development of shipments.

Our difference is made by...

We work proactively focusing on solving the needs of the client.
We create the strategy, research and assessment of the market sector.
Our staff is skilled, always focusing on adding value.

We look forward to your call contact visit to start working together.

Hundreds of clients, thousands of cargoes and decades of trajectory confirm our work.