Adding value so that international trading grows. improves. moves forward.

In Argex International S.A. we are constantly expanding, developing new markets, technologies and increasing our range of products. When you work with us, not only you get benefits in quality and price but also in efficiency and customized service.

About Us

With over 31 years of experience in international trading, we offer the highest level of service by applying our market knowledge and excellence in logistics in the marketing of our products. We also provide a customized assistance while adapting to the dynamics of markets, not only in the commercial but also in the technological and logistical fields.

We export products such as cuts and frozen offal of poultry, beef and pork, edible dry goods, oils, mayonnaise, cookies and crackers, noodles, popcorn, corn flour, among others. In our scope of services, we offer follow-up in every product specification, production under rites standards and labeling of customized packaging and quality control.


Our strengths

Technical and commercial assistance

By making a close bond with our client.

Supervision and control of cargo

By ensuring to keep quality.

Preparation and control of documents in due course

At any time to avoid delays.

Logistics management

Coordination with the parties involved.

Customs management

Absolute knowledge of requirements.

Financial management

For normal development of shipments.

Customized contact

Ready to meet the needs of the clients.

Market development

By assessing and applying strategies.

Qualified staff

Who are concerned with working efficiently.